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Aussie Man and Van London are the moving experts based in London. The company has been providing man and van london services and its surrounding areas for a long time. Be it a miniature moving job or a full scale office or home moving, our man with a van will suit your requirement as well as your pocket. We take pride in offering value for money service, which makes our price really competitive. We make sure that your move goes as smoothly and as timely as possible. Although we are a London removals company we have Australian roots and all our employees have the same Aussie ‘can-do’ attitude, so we always get the job done quickly, efficiently and with a smile on our faces!

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    • Tom Cameron
      Tom Cameron

      We've used Aussie Man & Van for a small removal (studio flat to a two bedroom flat) with no issues. We used them again recently, this time from a two bedroom flat to another two bedroom flat. The team were great, and made all the box moving that was so difficult for us look effortless. The job was done within two hours and everything got to the new flat safely. The cost is in-line with what other companies seem to be charging, and I'd feel very comfortable using Aussie Man & Van again over the competition.

      May, 21st 2014
      La-Donna Preston
      La-Donna Preston

      From start to finish, a very efficient service. Quick, easy and the documentation was simple to understand. I found it hard to sit back and watch the team lift my stuff from the house to the van, then the van to my new home. Was also impressed with the offer that I could ride with them - mainly because I knew if I took public transport they would be waiting for me! Certainly would use them again, and must definitely would recommend them.

      May, 6th 2014
      Simon G
      Simon G

      Aussie Man came recommended and I would be very happy to pass on that recommendation. From the start they were nothing but helpful and patient. They packed and moved us out of one house and because we couldn't move into the next property due to rain and floods the items went into storage. Except the potted garden plants which stay outside, nice touch that. I made several attempts to book the final move but thwarted each time by bad weather had to call Aussie Man again to cancel and postpone. On the move day the team arrived headed by Adam, it was pretty much the same team that packed us which was good. The move from van to house via a barge across the river went smoothly and much faster than we thought it would. They even put the beds together for us and would have plumbed in the washing machine if the pipework had been up to it! They unwrapped large items and as we unpacked boxes they removed all of the packaging. Because the previous week we had the Aussie Clean Team in we were able to simply unpack directly into the kitchen drawers and cupboards as they were spotless. A big thank you to all at Aussie,Man, especially Lauren and Adam for your expertise and patience

      March, 26th 2014
      Mark Holford
      Mark Holford

      The service is efficient and effective. I have had 8 jobs done by Aussie Van and their parent Ward Thomas in the last two years. All have been done well. The latest one was well organised by Lauren May. My only advice is think through delivery (rather than pick up) carefully. Ask them to help if you need it. Otherwise it all arrives in a rush and you are left facing a pile of never-ending boxes to unpack (this is not particular to them but to all removals)!

      May, 16th 2014
      Beth Coleman
      Beth Coleman

      I have a rather mixed opinion of Aussie Man & Van Ltd. When I started writing this I thought it was about 50:50 good:bad but once completing it I realised it was more like 25:75 good:bad. In the first instant I was happy with the customer service I received on the phone. The agent answered my numerous questions in a helpful and patient manner. However, when I received the details via email I was annoyed to discover that the price quoted on the phone had not included VAT meaning the cost was about £50 more. It would have been really easy to have mentioned this on the phone. I had selected an afternoon slot, which meant the time was only an estimate. To my advantage they were running early but it was good they telephoned to check that it would be ok to some early. When the two men arrived they were friendly and pleasant however there was not always a great amount of care taken with handling my belongings. I saw boxes being dropped and items dumped, rather than placed. in the van. There was no acknowledgement of this or apology. It was especially annoying as I had fragile tape on the boxes with well fragile items in. To be fair one guy was a lot more careful than the other but I would have excepted both men to have taken of my things. Before the van left I had a look in the back where I saw two of my fragile boxes sat loose on top of a pile of other things. I remember thinking to myself that they hadn't finished arranging things and that surely they would put them somewhere secure. Being typically British I did not say anything but I wish I had. On arrival at the other end both these boxes were no longer where I had last seen them and not because they had been been moved somewhere secure; one remained on top of the pile but upturned and the other had found it's way to the floor of the van where it also sat upside down. Needless to say when I unpacked I found broken items. That's another frustrating thing about Aussie; you can buy insurance but it is only valid if they pack for you, at an extra cost of course. However, I had already started packing when I discovered this, plus time did not allow to allow to arrange others to pack for me and the extra cost involved was not an option. So these broken items, completely due to carelessness, are not covered. What is more annoying is that until recently I moved house a lot. I worked out that I had moved 17 times in 7 years and never on any one of these occasions when I moved myself with the help of friends did a single item get broken. I am hugely disappointed that when I paid professionals to move me that breakages occurred. Finally, on a more possible note, on our journey to my new home south of the river there was quite a bit of traffic. They called me to warn me but I was already stuck in it. They had turned off to try a different river crossing option, I did advise them that the route they were trying normally took a lot longer than the sat nav suggested but they were already heading that way so decided to try it, whereas I decided to stick it out with the original option. As it happened my route cleared and they, as predicted, got held up by 30 minutes. This meant that we ran slightly over the 2 hour minimum slot, but thankfully they did not charge me for the extra. On the whole having written this review I'm not sure I would recommend Aussie Man & Van or I might do but suggest you either plan to use their packers or you pack really carefully and oversee what they are doing more closely then I did.

      May, 29th 2014
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    Moving London the Aussie Way!

    Aussie Man and Van London has a well established presence in the London removals market and our teams comprise of highly experienced professionals, who are ready to assist you with all your moving needs, no matter how large or small, and whether you are moving within London or further afield. We have a fleet of modern, well maintained and fully equipped vehicles and full insurance is available, so in the highly unlikely event of anything going wrong, you would be fully compensated.

    We are also completely flexible and can work on very short notice. So if you want to move in or out of London on an immediate basis, then we would love to help you. To find out more about Aussie man with a van service in London, simply contact us today and one of our representatives will be happy to provide you with a quote or answer any questions you may have.

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